Patients Talking, Doctors Listening

An unusual thing happened during a visit to my doctor’s office this week. I was there because my allergies—sinus headaches, weepy eyes, congestion—having gotten noticeably worse the last six months. My doctor and I had a chat about what supplements I was taking while she tested me for various pollens, and during this… »10/14/15 3:21pm10/14/15 3:21pm


Women Overdose on Sexist Meds

For decades, women have been routinely incorrectly dosed or overdosed with prescription drugs, and the National Institute of Health has finally had enough. Yesterday, in the international science journal Nature, Dr. Francis Collins, director of the NIH, and Dr. Janine A. Clayton, director of the institutes' Office of… »5/15/14 1:02pm5/15/14 1:02pm

Stephanie March Has Endometriosis and Doesn’t Care if You Know

If I were to tell you that I had a disease whose primary characteristic was the proliferation of cells that, like super glue, spread over my internal organs, crippling their ability to do whatever it is they are supposed to do, you would (as people do when I tell them) drop your jaw and stare horrified.You'd want to… »3/18/14 9:50am3/18/14 9:50am

Handing Out Strait-Jackets like Candy

The new DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, version 5), which lists psychological disorders and their criteria, is causing controversy in several areas of medicine. Even advocates for endometriosis are having their moment bashing the DSM-V. There is a new guideline in the manual… »7/02/13 11:16am7/02/13 11:16am

Through A Spell, Darkly: a memoir of endometriosis

I feel exhausted and gutted, like a doe that’s finally been caught after a long chase. I want to crawl between the sheet by nine o’clock. Words are lost before they get to my tongue—thanks to hormonal effects on the temporal-lobe declarative memory-system of my brain—and objects are not quite what they appear. I… »5/31/13 12:17pm5/31/13 12:17pm